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Quality control


Quality control starts with our team !

Shop floor maintenance is our priority.  Cleanliness, good organisation  takes part in keeping your products in the best possible state.

  • We permanently monitor the quality of our services.
  • We ensure and control the efficiency and training levels of our teams.
  • We are committed to ensuring a safe, well lit, comfortable environment to our teams.
  • We listen to our employees to improve efficiency.


Quality Control services :

We provide "A LA CARTE" QC services.

  1. You define your Requirements and Quality Standards
This allows us establish and implement control methods on the floor.
You define other key elements such as how many defects you are willing to allow and which steps in the process you want to optimize.
We help you define your goals to help reduce your costs and avoid recurring quality defects.


  1. We train a dedicated team
Ensuring quality throughout the process requires specific training for employees. Not just the quality control officer needs education.
We want employees watch for signs of abnormalities. Additionally, cross-trained employees can look at the entire process and help develop ideas for increasing efficiency and quality control.
Our employees will also feel more empowered and valuable to your business, which is proven to increase quality and efficiency. 


  1. Reporting and Re-acting
We record errors and defects on the go and share our reports with you.
In addition, we may propose you a response plan to avoid recurring defects and improve your processes.


  1. Repairing

See "Repairing services"