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Kitting, Assembly, Pick & Pack


Kitting keeps fulfillment costs low.
Kitting operations includes receiving the order(s), picking the products, assembling the product or assembling the kit, packing, labelling, preparing all necessary documents and shipping.



You can also use our services to process the final assembly of your product right before shipping.

This allows the same elements to be assembled in different versions of a product according to demand.
It reduces the level of inventory. 
It also increases your flexibility enabling you to better serve your customers.



Assembly and kitting ensure you save money while optimizing your fulfillment process and increasing your service level.


Pick & Pack:

Pick & Pack

- E-commerce packages = fast (same day delivery*) and priced very competitively;
- B2B shipments in cartons or full palets;
- Ready to ship by any shipping service, truck, sea of air;
- Dangerous goods certified.

*orders received before 2 pm are delivered the same day


Our costs are transparent with no hidden fees.

Click here to obtain a quote and our detailed price list .